Find a Bigger Tree Next Time

7 Jan

I used to walk home every day with this guy who was a. my friend, and b. someone who lived close to me. To the un-trained eye, this seems harmless; but one day, while upstairs putting away my bag, I noticed something while looking out my window-The guy I walked home with was hiding behind a tree in my neighbor’s front lawn.

I watched. I watched for about 20 minutes until he peered from the tree, and started walking in the complete opposite direction.

Apparently, after asking around – that guy did in fact not live by me..not even close. He pretty much spent double the time walking home and 20 minutes waiting behind the tree…?

We did not continue to walk home together. Some people – they make you wonder.


One Response to “Find a Bigger Tree Next Time”

  1. JM January 28, 2010 at 2:22 pm #

    by far my fave!

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