2010 New Years Resolutions

10 Jan

In no particular order:

a. Start going to the gym, or figure out another way to supplement my current infatuation with yhot at yyoga studios. Why is it so expensive to go there? Maybe I should just open a yoga studio that people from all walks of life can afford. The one type of exercise where there is no equipment needed, costs the most – ?

b. Start saving money. Though it’s a long shot, as my current salary may only ever fund a young heiress at the age of 3 to accommodate for princess crowns and nail polish – things I already have, but aren’t currently looking to buy. Still living at my parents house (please don’t make fun – my financial situation is the only thing holding me here – and my parents are pretty fantastic), means that one day I might need to buckle down and get out of the house. Small things such as bringing tea to work instead of running out to Starbucks a few times a day (while also wasting precious disposable cups) would probably save me a few hundred dollars a year, as well as a few countless trees and waste at the dump. Any other suggestions? Send’em my way. I need to be thrifty.

c. Start making lunch – the tedious task. Although it seems like a terrible idea to get off the couch on a Sunday night to put together something to eat the next day at work, the next morning is always a bother – I’m also pretty positive that I have exhausted all meal combinations at Tim Hortons in order to feel like I have some variety in my life.

d. Actually read some of the books I’ve bought. The Time Traveler’s Wife has been sitting on my night stand for a few months now. Discouraging at first, the concept of the book is very intriguing, and I shouldn’t let the confusion of the first few chapters put me off….but seriously, how can Henry be 24 and 5?

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