Where’s My Invite?

18 Jan

Last Saturday I spent the evening listening to my best girl explain her annoyances with her current boyfriend. The young lad is a great catch: he’s calm, very manly, has a bright future, and compromises.

For a mid-twenty something girl in a relationship like this, it can sometimes be a bit rocky. Her ideal Saturday is spent having wine and going for a nice dinner, while his might be comprised of beer pong contests at the frat house.

So as she is explaining her life situations, her phone rings and it’s the lovely man himself…but the conversation isn’t so lovely. I can hear him yelling. She’s yelling. Not going to lie, I felt a little awkward. They were fighting at the fact that he was going out that evening, and he assumed that we were going to meet up with him and his friends later on – but she didn’t know that she was ‘invited’..and therefore should have been invited. She didn’t want to assume that she was coming. I understand both points of the story, and think that the entire thing could have been avoided by communicating a little better.

Girls: Don’t just expect that guys know what you want – they most often don’t. And the moment they do something that you do want, just remember that you might have told them to do it before.

Boys, here’s a tip: We like to be invited to things. Whether it be coming over to your house, or going away on vacation, anything and everything in between that we can be invited to only re-affirms the fact that you want us to be around. It’s a simple, effortless action that will bring you brownie points.

In the words of nike: just do it.


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