Yup, It’s Confirmed.

28 Jan

Since Penticton’ing in the summer of ’09; rapping Eazy E down the streets after a few too many at the Barking Parrot, it seems that I captured the heart of one of my party-mates. I admit, I would be fairly attracted to someone who knew Eazy E lyrics too – it’s a talent, and something that you don’t find too often.

Since the summer, I have received calls and texts from this guy asking me what I’m doing, where I’m going to be on the weekend and how my day is going at work. Sometimes I respond, other times I don’t. To be blunt about it, I’m not so into it, so I don’t feel like I should respond…especially if I’m busy. I’ll run in to him every now and then, but I see him as a friend, and he doesn’t see it like that.

Oh – did I forget to mention he is one of my friend’s ex boyfriends?

A few weeks ago he called me while I was sitting at my desk on the phone with my client. I ignored the call, just as I always do. But this time he left a fairly hilarious voice-mail. Read it with me:

Hi it’s me again. Wow, you’re a hard girl to get ahold of. I was just calling to confirm that you don’t pick up the phone whenever I call. I’d say call me back, but I know you won’t. Peace.

I know. Weird message right? I almost wonder if he is trying to make me feel bad for him so I’ll call him back. I listened to it and thought about it, and decided that he was definitely trying to make me feel bad, so I didn’t call him back. A few days later – I got a few text messages. It got to the point where the text messages were so frequent that I decided to at least respond with ‘hey – I’m busy. Good day sir.’

But then I received some more messages. So again – I stopped responding. And then I received a messaged that read: Hey there. This message is just confirming that not only do you not respond to my calls or voicemails, but you don’t respond to my text messages either. Great.

This all happened a few weeks ago. He called me twice yesterday….

How many more confirmations does he need?

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