Come’on Sense

25 Apr

I was at a bar last night after a few too many bottles of wine depleted themselves at a friends birthday, and we needed to relocate to keep the extreme buzz going.

I kept looking at this guy in the bar, who I knew I had met somewhere, but couldn’t quite pinpoint it. He walked by me, so I said ‘So, I think I know you but I’m not sure how.’ This is how the rest of the convo went..

Guy: You do know me.

Me: Right. I know that. I’m asking you where I know you from.

Guy: Right. New Years Eve 2010. I called you like 20 times after I met you that night and you didn’t answer or respond to any of my calls.

Me: Ohhh. Right. Well, I did get a new phone since then, so ya know.

The guy proceeds to grab my phone and look through it…

Guy: ‘yup. this phone is different. But look, my number is right in there and you even labeled it with NYE as my last name. So you knew it was me when I would call. Great.’

Me: Alright then (then I laughed – but only a little. Still had the wine buzz; you know how it is)

The guy continued to ask me about it, wondering why I never responded to him and asking why I didn’t pick up. It’s funny that he wondered this, because I would say it’s pretty self explanatory. Did he just want me to say, “I don’t like you”? If he needs to hear it out loud, lord help him in all future life situations.

I was going to cab the rest of the way home, and he was stopping off at another bar along the way and asked to come with – which was fine. He hopped in, talking about the fact that he knew my brother (which maybe he thought would be a factor in changing my mind to like him).

He got out of the cab when we got to the bar he was going to, stood outside, and said ‘So, can you promise me you’ll pick up the phone next time I call?’

I said ‘Nope!’ and shut the cab door, and carried on my way home.

Today, I received calls and text messages…
Is there a help group I can send him to?


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