27 Jun

It seems all men have the same taste in sunglasses – or, I subconsciously only hang out with guys who have the same sunglasses. Either way, whenever my man friends ask me to keep their sunnies in my bag (why I started carrying a bag, I don’t know. The reason escapes me. Life was so simple and clutter free without bag), I seem to go home with a brown pair of Oakleys. And every time, they forget them or I forget they’re in there until it’s too late. Sometimes it’s the result of too many beers, and other times I think it’s all a plot to see each other again.

So, to the Oakley wearers (yes, that’s a word): If you can’t find your sunglasses, I probably have them. They are in a pile of other Oakleys scattered in my walk-in. I can’t be sure you’ll get your original pair back; but, on the bright side, if yours were pretty scuffed up, feel free to pa rouse the others and pick the ones with the least amount of scratches.

If you’ve lost a pair of Oakleys that were not brown, you’ve left them in someone else’s purse.


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