Lost my mind, at 24.

5 Jul

After a day of walking around downtown Vancouver shopping with a friend, I came back to my apartment, got some things together, and walked down to my parking garage to get my car and head back to my parents house for dinner.

I walked up to my parking space, and my car wasn’t there.
So, I stood in my empty parking space for about 15 minutes wondering where it could have gone.

First thought: The guy who parked beside me must have stolen it, or had it towed out. I realize this might sound silly, but in all reality, the guy who parks beside me is a little off and has been putting his ‘tools’ in my parking space. I called to complain earlier this week, so I figured he would be the culprit.

Second thought: I must have driven it somewhere.

Third thought: Yup, I drove it somewhere.

Story: This past Friday July 2, I was at the Canadians game (They lost, but it only cost $12 and there was beer). A pal and I walked back to my house, and had to get ready for an engagement party. We sat and watched TV, ate a bunch of pickles, looked at funny youtube videos, and then decided we should go to his house to get him some dress pants. And I drove there. We drove to his house and left my car there parked on the side road.

And yes, I only just realized this all on Sunday at 6pm. So, I called a good friend who was kind enough to come get me, and we drove to 5th and Burrard. My car wasn’t there. So we drove up and down the roads until I decided it would be best to message my friend and ask where the hell he lived. Admittedly, I am not good with directions and have bad short term memory (as proven in this story). After hearing back from him, we figured out where it was and had to drive a bit more to find it. My heart was pounding with anticipation….

Success: My car was there with no parking ticket – only a bit of sap from the tree.

Fourth thought:
What’s wrong with me?

Disclaimer: Please note that I only had two beers at the baseball game, and I was not drunk while I was driving. Safety first.

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