4 Sep

After a few too many ‘super nova vodka sodas’ at Joeys, and too many beers at The Academic, I ended up at the Library Square..for way too many other drinks. With ex boyfriends as bartenders, getting through the doors is pretty easy…so my friend and I walk right up to the front to get in. We noticed a few guys standing there, contemplating standing in the line, greasing the bouncer, or going somewhere else. I gave them a tip, and told them to mention a couple names to get in the door. Worked like magic.

One of the guys in the group and I started talking..he said thanks. I said no problem. As we were talking, a girl with ridiculous stilettos pounced on my toes (but actually, where did she think she was…Republic?). Silly. Anyways, one thing lead to another… and I became ‘the person making out on the dance floor’. Not my classiest moment… but sometimes, it needs to be done; especially when it’s ’90s night and Ace of Base’s ‘I saw the sign’ starts playing.

[Picture that moment. Picture it long and hard. I’m betting that just by picturing how romantic it was, you want to make out with someone now.]

I woke up this morning…feeling pretty hungover. To my surprise, I had a text message waiting for me saying ‘How are your toes treating you?’. It was my make out partner. He had put his full name and number in my phone (which is great, because I’m not sure I would have remembered his name).

Of course, with this full name in hand, I had to facebook creep him. Obviously. To my surprise..he’s a good looking fellow. Not your average drunk make out partner..this guy is actually ‘top notch’. AND he has a few mutual friends. Seriously, what did we ever do without the internet?

So, to all the girls who participate in drunk make outs: sometimes all those make outs are worth it if you get a good one every now and then. Keep on keepin’on.


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