20 Sep

You might not recognize the commonly found symbol above – it’s the symbol for ‘paragraph’. But, although you might not recognize it, the Para-Texter would.

The boy I met at Library Square ended up becoming a Para-Texter… I even think he might have a bit of ‘telephono-phobia’. Day in and day out, there are messaging ‘clinking’ on my berry. And it never ends. Infact, he messaged so frequently that it actually started to piss me off. Date 1 was good..what was he afraid of? Finally, after talking my friends’ ears off, I decided to be blunt.

I told him to stop messaging, through bbm of course. If he wanted to join me this past weekend, he could call me and meet up – other then that, I said to have a good week. This was Monday night –

Tuesday morning, I awoke to paragraphs. Oh, so many paragraphs. I didn’t respond the whole day on Tuesday (pre-occupied with other things, which will be another blog post in the near future) and he messaged ‘so, why are you not responding’ at the end of the day. I thought that my ‘no text, text’ was a clear indicator that if he wanted to hang out, to phone. So finally, after a weeks worth of novels texted to me, I said this when I woke up to a plethora of messages on Saturday morning:

Okay – did you forget what I said about bbm? It’s fine and great, but getting to know you digitally is not ideal. I think I might have to cut you off. Seriously.

He replied by saying to pencil him in for dinner on Tues at 7p, and he would confirm with a call. Then, his last message was “bbm out”. Haven’t heard from him since. Thank GOD.

I guess I’m going for dinner tomorrow. Will be interesting, I’ve sort of lost interest in the guy….


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