A facebook message

10 Oct

Henry decided to write me a facebook message last month. Here’s a peek…

1. I know you probably won’t respond to this.
2. I really wanted to let you know that I think you looked absolutely gorgeous in the pictures from the wedding you went to
3. My night with you at the Heineken House was probably my most memorable night of the Olympics.
4. I promise you that I did not tell anyone about what happened between us. They figured it out on their own. (* we were drunk, eating McDonalds, and moving flowers so we could….)
5. I would like to see you more often than I do, but am starting to understand our distance. I just want you to know that I enjoy your company and think you are a great.
6. I am always free for a drink (or 10) if you ever need some company.


…I would have thought he would have stopped writing this message after he wrote down the first point.

To clarify:

Point 1 – He was right, there was no way I was responding to this.

Point 3 – I decided to see if I liked him. So I kissed him – I figured, I should know after I kiss him if I like him.Not smart, I know. So, at the heineken house during the Olympics, after a few too many heinys, I took the man by his collar and through him down underneath the bleachers for a little make out action. That’s it. That’s all….and it wasn’t even that good. Decision made, the verdict was in – it just wasn’t going to happen.

Point 4 – He is referring to a few friends finding out that we ‘made out’. Of course they knew, I told some people and it was just a make out, no biggie. As for the moving the flowers part, he kissed me a few more times after we decided to continue the party post-heiny house. We didn’t want anyone to see, so each time we kissed we moved this huge planter in front of our friend’s face so he couldn’t see what we were doing.

Admittedly, the decision I made in point 3 turned out to be a bad one.


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