Bye bye paragraphs – I’m in to sentences.

11 Oct

After multiple messages aiming to end things with the Paratexter, it’s finally over.

I thought I was in the clear for the past few weeks when he would message me and I replied with ‘Hey, yeah I’m pretty busy and can’t hang out so take care’ because he didn’t message me back…until tonight.

So when I received a message from him tonight, I requested the assistance of a friend to help me get rid of the fellow with out just lashing out. It’s hard to communicate with people who only talk through bbm, and just don’t seem to get the hint. Message train is as follows:

Paratexter: So I walked passed a pizza place today and thought of you. I’ve asked you to go for pizza a few times and it never really works out. So, as I am sitting here eating sushi, I’m hoping we can try eating sushi some time – I think we might be better at eating sushi rather than pizza.

She Teller: Oooh, pizza definitely pulls rank over sushi for me any day. Paratexter, I think you’re a great guy. You’ve got lots going for you and I wish ya all the best. But I’m gonna be blunt: I think we should give’r a rest, I’m just not feeling it.

I was anxious. Nervous…and wondering what the response (if any) would be. But then, I thought to myself ‘hey – he’s the paratexter…of course he is going to say something’. He responded with:

Paratexter: Fair, I had to push till I got the blunt answer! I liked you enough to actually pursue you which is rare, but oh well! Happy thanksgiving, thanks for being honest. Wouldn’t have worked if you didn’t like sushi anyways.’

So, I am glad he is out of my system, blackberry, and most importantly my stories to my friends. Infact, they are probably a little pumped that my berry won’t be clinking all night as a result of his overly impulsive fingers.

His comment about him ‘actually pursuing me’ could be taken in two lights:
a. ‘Listen she-teller: just so you know, I don’t do this often. I’m kind of a big deal and you’re passing this up.’ or
b. ‘It takes a lot for me to like someone, and I really liked you enough to pursue you.’

Take of it what you will…
..I’m just excited to delete his bbm contact.

Oh, and also his comment about sushi was wrong- I like sushi, just not with him.


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