Sleep Texter

16 Jan

One of my best girls is known for being a chronic sleep talker.

After 12 years of friendship, I still wake up in the middle of the night to ‘Don’t laugh, you’re not funny you know’ or ‘Come on, why would you do that?’ coming from her mouth – she seems to always be confronting people about their behavior in her dreams.

Usually when she does this, I talk back to her. If she asks me ‘why did you do that’ I’ll say ‘well, quite frankly I just didn’t like your attitude’ and she’ll argue back. It’s amusing to me – especially because she doesn’t ever remember in the morning.

She recently moved to Toronto for an amazing job opportunity, so I don’t get to participate in her sleep talking anymore; but that hasn’t stopped her from keeping it going.

Last night I received a sleep text from her at 10:30 PST. It read:

“I’vs saken requlary but at the new offive, for sure”

Don’t get me wrong, this is not even close to the hilarity that comes from the sleep talkin’ man but it’s still pretty funny.

A positive: I’d say anyone who attempts a sleep text, and pulls through with a message that isn’t complete jibberish has some kind of hidden talent.


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