23 Jan

The following is a sequential list of events involving ‘the ex’:

1. Random ‘run in’ in the late summer of 2010 that turned in to a weekly occurrence

2. Upon moving home to save money, I have become an expert at sneaking him in

3. Attended a Christmas Eve party, where rumors started brewing

4. I received one of the best Christmas presents from him, ever

6. Chatted in early 2011 to determine we’re exclusively seeing each other

7. Just saw the word ‘Love’ posted on my facebook wall for the world to see

Honestly, I never thought I’d jump back on this path – guess I’ve got to put my hesitance aside, and just embrace the fact that I’m having a good time… and for me, that’s a hard thing to admit. I guess it will be easy to confront, now that I have messages pouring into my inbox asking me what’s going on. Gotta love it.

This story is TBC.


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