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Sleep Texter

16 Jan

One of my best girls is known for being a chronic sleep talker.

After 12 years of friendship, I still wake up in the middle of the night to ‘Don’t laugh, you’re not funny you know’ or ‘Come on, why would you do that?’ coming from her mouth – she seems to always be confronting people about their behavior in her dreams.

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Bye bye paragraphs – I’m in to sentences.

11 Oct

After multiple messages aiming to end things with the Paratexter, it’s finally over.

I thought I was in the clear for the past few weeks when he would message me and I replied with ‘Hey, yeah I’m pretty busy and can’t hang out so take care’ because he didn’t message me back…until tonight.

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nikki nikki twenty four

5 Jul

When walking back from the Canadians game, my pal and I decided that we should play nikki nikki nine door.

So, to the residents between Ontario and Cambie, on King Ed – I’m sorry if your doorbell rang and there was no one there when you answered. Blame the Canadians for losing, the beers for being delicious, and my immaturity.

If it makes you feel any better, my friend was tired from running and leaned on a bush to rest up..moments later, I heard a rustle, and all I saw was feet sticking out beneath the branches.

Lost my mind, at 24.

5 Jul

After a day of walking around downtown Vancouver shopping with a friend, I came back to my apartment, got some things together, and walked down to my parking garage to get my car and head back to my parents house for dinner.

I walked up to my parking space, and my car wasn’t there.
So, I stood in my empty parking space for about 15 minutes wondering where it could have gone.

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27 Jun

It seems all men have the same taste in sunglasses – or, I subconsciously only hang out with guys who have the same sunglasses. Either way, whenever my man friends ask me to keep their sunnies in my bag (why I started carrying a bag, I don’t know. The reason escapes me. Life was so simple and clutter free without bag), I seem to go home with a brown pair of Oakleys. And every time, they forget them or I forget they’re in there until it’s too late. Sometimes it’s the result of too many beers, and other times I think it’s all a plot to see each other again.

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Crest Cinnamon Toothpaste

23 May

You have to try it.

I am usually the last person to promote something which graces the shelves with the stamp ‘NEW’ plastered on it, but when I considered just how much I enjoy cinnamon gum, I thought – what’s there to lose?

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Hate the Player, Not the Game

17 Apr

Yep, I’m reading the famed novel by Neil Strauss called ‘The Game’ – a guidebook to pick-up artistry…which has me wondering: if you’ve read this masterpiece, does it really work?

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