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I’ve got enough friends, thanks

21 Oct

On my way home from work, I was stopped by a young man waiting beside me on the platform for the Canada Line. I’m guessing he was in his later twenties, seemed to be dressed appropriately, so I thought nothing of it. Mistake.

The following is a list of things not to do when talking to someone on public transit.

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First Date?

6 Sep

Yes. Library Square make-out partner asked me to lunch. So I went…seeing as how we were facebook friends and bbm buddies… another face to face meet sans beers and lack of judgment was the next best thing.

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4 Sep

After a few too many ‘super nova vodka sodas’ at Joeys, and too many beers at The Academic, I ended up at the Library Square..for way too many other drinks. With ex boyfriends as bartenders, getting through the doors is pretty easy…so my friend and I walk right up to the front to get in. We noticed a few guys standing there, contemplating standing in the line, greasing the bouncer, or going somewhere else. I gave them a tip, and told them to mention a couple names to get in the door. Worked like magic.

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nikki nikki twenty four

5 Jul

When walking back from the Canadians game, my pal and I decided that we should play nikki nikki nine door.

So, to the residents between Ontario and Cambie, on King Ed – I’m sorry if your doorbell rang and there was no one there when you answered. Blame the Canadians for losing, the beers for being delicious, and my immaturity.

If it makes you feel any better, my friend was tired from running and leaned on a bush to rest up..moments later, I heard a rustle, and all I saw was feet sticking out beneath the branches.

Lost my mind, at 24.

5 Jul

After a day of walking around downtown Vancouver shopping with a friend, I came back to my apartment, got some things together, and walked down to my parking garage to get my car and head back to my parents house for dinner.

I walked up to my parking space, and my car wasn’t there.
So, I stood in my empty parking space for about 15 minutes wondering where it could have gone.

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Yup, It’s Confirmed.

28 Jan

Since Penticton’ing in the summer of ’09; rapping Eazy E down the streets after a few too many at the Barking Parrot, it seems that I captured the heart of one of my party-mates. I admit, I would be fairly attracted to someone who knew Eazy E lyrics too – it’s a talent, and something that you don’t find too often.

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