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Bye bye paragraphs – I’m in to sentences.

11 Oct

After multiple messages aiming to end things with the Paratexter, it’s finally over.

I thought I was in the clear for the past few weeks when he would message me and I replied with ‘Hey, yeah I’m pretty busy and can’t hang out so take care’ because he didn’t message me back…until tonight.

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20 Sep

You might not recognize the commonly found symbol above – it’s the symbol for ‘paragraph’. But, although you might not recognize it, the Para-Texter would.

The boy I met at Library Square ended up becoming a Para-Texter… I even think he might have a bit of ‘telephono-phobia’. Day in and day out, there are messaging ‘clinking’ on my berry. And it never ends. Infact, he messaged so frequently that it actually started to piss me off. Date 1 was good..what was he afraid of? Finally, after talking my friends’ ears off, I decided to be blunt.

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First Date?

6 Sep

Yes. Library Square make-out partner asked me to lunch. So I went…seeing as how we were facebook friends and bbm buddies… another face to face meet sans beers and lack of judgment was the next best thing.

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4 Sep

After a few too many ‘super nova vodka sodas’ at Joeys, and too many beers at The Academic, I ended up at the Library Square..for way too many other drinks. With ex boyfriends as bartenders, getting through the doors is pretty easy…so my friend and I walk right up to the front to get in. We noticed a few guys standing there, contemplating standing in the line, greasing the bouncer, or going somewhere else. I gave them a tip, and told them to mention a couple names to get in the door. Worked like magic.

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