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23 Jan

The following is a sequential list of events involving ‘the ex’:

1. Random ‘run in’ in the late summer of 2010 that turned in to a weekly occurrence

2. Upon moving home to save money, I have become an expert at sneaking him in

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I’ve got enough friends, thanks

21 Oct

On my way home from work, I was stopped by a young man waiting beside me on the platform for the Canada Line. I’m guessing he was in his later twenties, seemed to be dressed appropriately, so I thought nothing of it. Mistake.

The following is a list of things not to do when talking to someone on public transit.

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Find a Bigger Tree Next Time

7 Jan

I used to walk home every day with this guy who was a. my friend, and b. someone who lived close to me. To the un-trained eye, this seems harmless; but one day, while upstairs putting away my bag, I noticed something while looking out my window-The guy I walked home with was hiding behind a tree in my neighbor’s front lawn.

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