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A facebook message

10 Oct

Henry decided to write me a facebook message last month. Here’s a peek…

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Come’on Sense

25 Apr

I was at a bar last night after a few too many bottles of wine depleted themselves at a friends birthday, and we needed to relocate to keep the extreme buzz going.

I kept looking at this guy in the bar, who I knew I had met somewhere, but couldn’t quite pinpoint it. He walked by me, so I said ‘So, I think I know you but I’m not sure how.’ This is how the rest of the convo went..

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Hate the Player, Not the Game

17 Apr

Yep, I’m reading the famed novel by Neil Strauss called ‘The Game’ – a guidebook to pick-up artistry…which has me wondering: if you’ve read this masterpiece, does it really work?

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